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Welcome to the GlueGang family!

I'm delighted to introduce myself as Aggie, a passionate photographer, art enthusiast inspired by Reggio Emilia, and a proud mother to a vibrant 5-year-old daughter. Moreover, I am the founder of GlueGang, where we foster creativity and imagination.


Let me take you on a journey that started in my childhood.

In the days before Pinterest existed, my mother poured her heart and soul into teaching my four siblings and me traditional crafts and process art projects. Amidst her dedication to running a Montessori nursery, she instilled in us the joy of creating and cherishing meaningful traditions, especially during holidays. Those experiences were truly magical, encompassing love, worth, happiness, and togetherness. We relied on simple, traditional methods and everyday items found around our house.

Fast forward two decades, and I find myself sharing those cherished moments with other families and children through my workshops, classes,  camps across London.

Young children possess an inexhaustible wellspring of ideas. As parents, teachers, and caregivers, it is crucial for us to nurture their creative exploration throughout early childhood. This is how we can cultivate imaginative thinkers who embrace alternative perspectives, take bold risks, envision innovative solutions, appreciate diversity, and value artistry and aesthetics.

Creativity stands as the most formidable advantage a business can possess. By providing our children with a space and materials for exploration, creation, tinkering, and invention, we empower them to become confident adults capable of generating novel and valuable ideas. This creativity can transcend any field they choose.

I firmly believe that everyone is born with innate creativity, yet somewhere along the way, formal schooling dampens our ability to think imaginatively. During these formative years, children need ample space and time to explore their unique ideas. They should be encouraged to take creative risks daily, fostering comfort with mistakes, embracing multiple solutions to problems, and nurturing their inner creative child.

Recognizing the power of making, playing, and celebrating together, I aim to create lasting memories and strengthen the bonds between parents and children. This process not only encourages healthy self-expression but also stimulates creative thinking and boosts self-esteem in kids. With these insights in mind, I curate numerous art experiences inspired by the activities and traditions my own family enjoys.

My aspiration is to create a space that ignites the creative spirit in both the young and the young at heart. A space that encourages thinking outside the box and pursuing dreams with unwavering passion. And above all, I sincerely hope you will honour me with a visit to one of our events.

Thank you for taking the time to embark on this journey with me, and I extend my deepest gratitude for being a part of my ongoing adventure.


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