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Looking for kids party activity?

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Welcome to Gluegang the home of the ultimate arty party kids entertainment!

I’m so excited to finally have a chance to write my first post. It was my daughter's 4th birthday party we had back in May (I know almost 10 months ago). At the time she really wasn’t into anything specific so I thought why not have an art/craft party for the kids. What kid doesn’t love art and craft??

Important Benefits of Art for Children That Everyone Should Know

Creating art isn’t just a fun, colourful pastime. It has a variety of unique, positive effects on preschoolers, young children, and teens that other activities don’t provide.

Art Stimulates Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills

An art project begins with a creative spark and lets kids bring their imagination to life, but it also strengthens their logical thinking skills too!

Art is an excellent tool for helping kids take a creative concept from start to finish, work through artistic challenges and mistakes, and have fun while learning. Let us plan an unforgettable party activity for your kids this year!

Process Art Promotes Self-Esteem and Self-Expression

Children thrive when they can practice decision-making and express themselves without worrying about a right or wrong answer. They can learn how to trust themselves and communicate their thoughts and feelings with process art.

Unlike schoolwork, there’s no “good” or “bad,” to worry about — it’s all about their vision and goals. There may be a few rules like, "Paint only on the canvas,” but otherwise the final product is completely in their hands. The more they can freely practice self-expression, the more confident they’ll feel. It’s also a great language development opportunity because they can pick up new art terms along the way.

Art Helps Develop Visual-Spatial Processing

Visual-spatial skills help kids understand where objects are in space. They’re the same skills that let them repeat dance moves they see online, hit a baseball, draw letters and shapes, or complete a maze.

Creating art is a great way to help children sharpen these skills. Has your child or student ever tried to draw their favourite person, place, or thing? Let’s say they want to draw a portrait of their dog. When they imagine their dog’s height, weight, shape, and color and try to recreate their furry friend on paper, they’re doing a ton of visual-spatial processing without even knowing it.

Art Builds Memory and Self-Control

Here’s another benefit of art for children: Having strong visual-spatial abilities also leads to better memory and self-control.

When creating an art piece, children naturally work on self-discipline. They can't jump into any approach, color, or technique they feel like if they want a painting that looks like a pair of cute pink unicorns or a space explorer. If they’re painting from memory, they’ll work on recalling images. And if they’re watching a video or in-person teacher, they’ll practice remembering and following instructions. Guaranteed calm kids party entertainment.

Painting parties engage school-age artists and adults alike for family nights, birthday parties, play dates, and more, while building these critical-thinking skills.

Art Provides Rest, Relaxation, and Reward

Studies have shown that art making decreases stress levels and lowers anxiety, helping with a child’s overall mental health. Creativity — whether your little artist is doodling, sculpting with clay, or making noodle art — also activates the reward centers in the brain.

For young people, this means that arts and crafts activities make them feel good and help them naturally relax. They walk away with a sense of accomplishment and the motivation to get creative again. If you’re searching for a win-win group activity, art could be just the thing. It’s a great opportunity to improve children’s social skills in a positive setting, whether with friends, family, or classmates. Are you wishing for a relaxed get together this year?

Our art activities for kids parties will flex their creative muscles and have a party without the crazy jumping and running around in the house. It’s entertaining, exciting, and most of all, absolutely fun for everyone!

Choose from our wide range of art themes or create your own theme to make your art party even more unforgettable. If you’re not sure what’s suitable for your kids or guests, we can help you choose what would work best. We’ll help you personalise your art party to suit your guests, making sure that everyone in your party enjoys the process of creating art.

If you’ve been looking for a way to have fun, but and get a little messy with art, our art parties are the perfect way to do it.

You can hire us for Birthday Parties, Corporate Functions, Mini Workshops, Festivals, Christmas Parties, Weddings or any gathering where the children need to be kept busy!

Birthday Party activities are 1 hour - enough time that the children can make something really spectacular to take home (so no need for party bags!)

We are happy to fit around a particular party theme so your child's party can be completely bespoke!

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